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Welcome Nintendo Fans!


To join simply click "join our group". You will automatically become a contributor which gives you access to the voting page to which you can vote on whether art should be accepted or not. If you do not wish to become a contributor simply do not join. Instead, just press press the watch button :).

:star: Introduction:star:

This group would prefer your best quality art that you've spent time on and a great deal of effort. We do not want your art that is real sketchy that you've whipped up in a few minutes nor art pieces that lack imagination. We accept your Fan-Art of Nintendo that you've made "from scratch".
See Section 1 for details.

:iconchainchompplz:Section 1: Submission :iconchainchompplz:

This group does not condone copyright infringement. Read Deviantart's Copyright Policy to see what violates the Copyright act and what doesn't. Official game pictures you took from online and posted on your deviant art is not only against the Terms of Service but will not be accepted here.This group does not accept photo-manipulation with official artwork in them, in game screen shots, and Nintendo 3DS snapshots. That includes Brawl shots and characters you've created within the game.

Literature will only be accepted if it is submitted to the correct folder.

Doodles, WIP's (Work in Progress) and scribbles are now allowed in this group! Make sure to submit them to the "WIPs and Sketches" folder.

We will also accept black, and, white, color me, inked art and lineart realism and the like but if the lineart is not cleaned up, too simple or sketchy, then it must be submitted to the "WIPs and Sketches" folder.
Basically, if it looks like you tried to put quality into it, it will be accepted.

A poor quality picture of your art piece will be declined.

Grid art is only accepted if you did not copy the official sprite square for square pixel by pixel. That does not mean one or two squares/pixels off and you can submit it. It has to be completely different than the normal sprites or else it will not be accepted. We consider it lack of imagination and a sketch. Look into the console folder to get a good idea of what we accept as sprites.

No self-photography. We accept Cosplay that looks like you've really tried but we do not accept you just wearing their merchandise. Anyone can put on a Mario shirt. Really.

No pictures of your Nintendo Merchandise. As neat and nerdy as your collection of action figures may be, this club does not accept toys (that are not handmade) or any merchandise. We understand you want to show off your collection, but this group really wants to have creative self-made goodies.

Gijinka's, anthro's, caricatures and the like have to look close to the character you are trying to create to be accepted.

OC's will be accepted if they are not a Mary-sue, super random and don't make any sense, or change the original story in epic proportions. We do not need your sparkly special snowflake saving the day effortlessly nor do we need an "out of character" character that doesn't even match the theme of the game in our folders. Take your OC to other groups on :devart:, there are plenty of other ones out there :3

Art that contains mature content can be submitted to the group only if it is filtered as containing mature content. We wish to keep Nintendo-Fanatics as a group where everyone of all ages can submit their work. Work of this nature should be submitted to the "Ecchi and Other Mature Content" folder.

Please respect your fellow artists and members of this club or you'll get "The Boot". This also means no harsh language unless used in art marked for Mature Content. There will be no spamming, trolling, chain-mails, and other forms of obnoxious harassment. Take it somewhere else.


If not, you will be asked to resubmit and it will cost both you and the Contributors, Co-founders, and Founders time. Consider that hundreds pass through our mail each day and we have to review each one. Repeated failure will result in banning from this group.


1. Nintendo Fanatics do NOT accept journals.

2. Please visit our FAQ's if you have any questions. (It's in process)

:star:Have fun and invite others! (^w^) :star:




Hello, fans of Nintendo! xXNami-sanXx here! :aww:

Thanks to the suggestion of the wonderful kissingcyanide, who always does such a wonderful job managing this group, I would like to announce that WIPs (work in progress) and sketches are now accepted!! :w00t:

Please make sure to submit them to the "WIPs and Sketches" folder. Any unfinished works or sketches sent to the other folders will be declined.

Just a reminder though:
Poor quality submissions, such as grainy phone photos of your art, messy Miiverse drawings, and art that lacks any real effort will NOT be accepted. So if you wish to submit your WIPs and sketches, they must be of reasonable quality and appear as if you have put effort into them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a note and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Take care, and stay awesome!
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ArwingPilot114 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! I'm an admin at :iconrealisticpokemon2: and was just wondering if you could advertise our March contest journal on your group! Any help is appreciated!



Kat-Skittychu Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey if ya are fans of Animal Crossing, and if your a fan of any of these others, come and join please.
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May I ask why you declined my submition?
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DikaPika Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015
Calling all animators and bender users, that's right I need your help!
I'm making a video game starring Where Pikachu talks, No Pokemon....
I'm serious, No evolutions, No Pokemon references... (Some).
The back story is a boy named George, who gets caught into the Nintendo world! That's right I'm going for a Nintendo version of Kingdom Hearts!
it is still in development.....
but I need your help.....
animators, drawers, scripters,
this game is planning to be rated e10
so no cursing
Millions of Nintendo references!
If you have an idea take note of this idea and spread the word!!!!
I will upload drawings of it soon!
This game is planning to be on the PC!
I will also post about George (based on ME)
Thank You!
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